Table Tennis

Business & Econometrics Table Tennis Open for NUMBATS and Guests (BETTONG)

Tournament brackets

Top half - Round 1:

Top half - Round 2

Top half - Round 3

Top half - Round 4

Bottom half - Round 2:

Bottom half - Round 3:

Bottom half - Round 4:

Bottom half - Round 5:



Team names Player 1 Player 2
Koala Alex Stuart
Dingo Di Earo
Emu Hong Rob
Kangaroo Cameron Shanika
Wombat Jason David
Kookaburra Steff Nat
Echidna Diana Mitch
Platypus Thiyanga Catherine
Antechinus Puwasala Mojdeh
Magpie Gurpreet Andy
Cockatoo Dilini Souhaib

Basic rules

A full list of rules for this competition can be found here:

If you're new to table tennis or need a refresh on the rules, watch the video below.