Table Tennis: Rules

Business & Econometrics Table Tennis Open for NUMBATS and Guests (BETTONG)


Paddles and balls and table are in Menzies N7.02.

You may need to see Elke, Clare or Lis to book the room, or check if it is free, but it is mostly available, so it could be possible to simply drop by and play.

The tournament web site ( has additional details. First round matches needs to be complete by 5pm, Monday April 10. Scores reported to mitch.ohara-wild[at] or dicook[at]

Each round (including the back draw rounds need to be completed within a one week window.) If any team member cannot play in this time, find a substitute to sub for that round. Substitute can be anyone able to play, even if they are on another team, or not entered into the tournament.

Playing The Game

Flip a coin or some other random system to determine which team starts serving.
A game is started when one player (server) makes a service before the receiver makes the return.

The Server should:
Once the ball has been served, both players are to make keep hitting until a point is scored. In doubles, each player on the same team must take turns to hit.

After 2 points have been scored, the receiving pair shall become the serving pair and so on until the end of the game.


A set is when one of the players or pairs first score 11 points. In the event that both players/pairs score 10 points, a set is be won by the first player/pair to gain a 2-point lead. A full match is won when a player or pair wins the best of 3 sets.

A point is scored when:
  1. an opponent fails to make a correct service,
  2. an opponent fails to make a return,
  3. the ball touches any part of an opponent’s body,
  4. an opponent strikes the ball twice in succession,
  5. if a doubles opponent strikes the ball out of the sequence established by the first server and first receiver.

Any disputes should be handled amicably, or if not, with random numbers.