spatial data

How long do maps on ggplot facets take?

If you’re a ggplot user, making faceted plots must be a tool in your belt. If you happen to do some spatial analysis, you would be familiar with maps. Today, I will show you my surprise findings about the rendering time to make faceted maps. This example comes from Chapter 7 of Paula Moraga’s book Geospatial Health Data: Modeling and Visualization with R-INLA and Shiny and I have simplified it for this demonstration.

Hexmaps with sugarbag make it easier to see the electoral map

Australia is a land of wide open spaces where the population concentrates in small areas. It can make for misleading map visualisations on statistics related to people. The May 20, 2022 ABC article The Australian election map has been lying to you explains this very neatly. It has alsp provided a better alternative to examine election results, in the form of a hexmap of Australia. The hexmap provided in the article is almost certainly manually constructed which is find for a construct once, use many times purpose.