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Using PCA to Bully My Housemates (Specifically Tom)

Surrounded by Incompetence I recently moved into a share house with three of my friends, and while we generally get along pretty well, I would be lying if I said I never fantasised about burning the place down with them all in it. Today, after I woke up to the dishwasher run with less that half a load, I made this passive aggressive drawing and sent it to the group chat.

Can our Masters students help you?

Do you have a data analysis task and want some help with it? We have a lot of Masters students who might be able assist. Masters of Business Analytics students Our Masters of Business Analytics students are well-trained in the entire workflow of data analysis including data collection, munging, exploratory analysis, modelling and reporting. Our program is based around R, so all students should have relatively advanced R skills. Some of them may also have Python, SQL and other language skills.

Criminal Statistics in Baby Murder Court Cases

My Experience with the Legal System I have had my fair share of run-ins with the legal system. Probably more than someone my age should have. Here are my three favourite interactions so far: A guy on acid threw a rock through my window at a music festival and they found him an hour later running around a field and screaming “I’m the richest man in the world” My landlord snapped when he was at our house doing maintenance, jumped the fence and assaulted our neighbour who now has a restraining order against him My parents tried to sue my high school after I was expelled for giving a speech about the private school system at a public speaking competition The point here isn’t to talk about my interactions with the law, but rather to show that I have seen a police officer at least once, so I’m definitely well versed enough to critique our complicated legal system.

4 Things We Can Learn About Conspiracy Theories and Model Flexibility

A Conspiracy Theory is Like a Bad Model A few years ago my mum became very susceptible to suggestion, and made friends with a guy who was really good at speaking about nonsense with the authority to make it sound true. Listening to him sent her down a conspiracy theory rabbit hole, of which I had to experience second hand. Our interactions ended up boiling down to mum sending me a 20 minutes Youtube video about aliens building the pyramids, then I would wait the appropriate amount of time and send a text that said “Wow, what an interesting perspective”.