A Future Public Disturbance Explains LDA

Bad Restaurants and LDA are Ruining my Life I would like to say that I’m the type of person who would never complain at a restaurant, but deep down I know I’m one bad day away from being the woman in a viral video pissing on the floor of a Starbucks because they didn’t give her soy milk. If you would like to see the correlation that makes me think this, see the figure below:

Learning Boosting Through Me Getting Fired from Tutoring

My Employment History I’ve had about… 13 jobs at this point in my life. Among them were jobs like tutoring, nannying, swim teaching, ect. so I have developed had a decent level of experience in teaching kids, specifically teaching them maths. While swim teaching doesn’t seem like it employs a lot of maths, I would play a “who can get closest to the number I’m thinking” game to decide who goes first.

Baby Teeth are Temporary, Model Interpretability is Forever

Focus Too Much On the Big Picture, Get $10k In Dental Bills When I found out baby teeth fall out, I realised the futility brushing them. The teeth are temporary, but those extra 5 minutes of playing Pokemon are forever. So I quit brushing my teeth. This wouldn’t have been too big a problem for a normal kid, but I also refused to drink water. A strangely pervasive problem in our family that started young (my brother was weaned off breast milk using chocolate Breaka) and lived into adulthood.

How a 5th Grader Makes $1500 in a Single Night (and How They Could Make More Using MLE)

Is The Problem The Parents or the Kid? As a child, your parents are seen as deities that can do no wrong, that is until you are doing a first aid course 10 years later and learn that a broken arm is not an “I’ll take you to the hospital tomorrow if it still hurts” level emergency. Growing up I started to realise my Dad’s life lessons were somewhat unorthodox and below are some of my favourite quotes.